• How are tracks scheduled and how would I find out about them?

You can check the schedule of the tracks at http://osidays.com/osidays/category/schedule2014/


  • How should I know about the varied kinds of workshops that will be conducted in the event?

You can log on to http://osidays.com/osidays/workshops-2/ to have a detailed know-how about the workshops.


  • What all do I get in the Silver Pass?

You can log on to http://osidays.com/osidays/silver-level-track/ for details on the Silver Level Track


  • What all do I get in the Silver Plus Pass?

You can log on to http://osidays.com/osidays/passes-at-a-glance-14/ for details on different passes


  • What all do I get in the Gold Pass?

You can log on to http://osidays.com/osidays/gold-level-track/ to know what you will get in the Gold level track


  • What all do I get in the Platinum Pass?

Click on http://osidays.com/osidays/platinum-level-track/

to know what you get in this highest level pass


  • How should I get myself registered to attend the event?

Log on to http://osidays.com/osidays/osi_registration/osidays_register.php

and get yourself registered.


  • Can I attend only a single workshop?

Yes, you can. You can check the details at http://osidays.com/osidays/category/workshop/ and register yourself at http://osidays.com/osidays/osi_registration/osidays_register.php


  • Will the participants be provided with Laptop/PC/hardware for the attending workshop.

No, all workshop attendees need to bring their own Laptop/hardware.


  • At what time will convention start and when will it end?

The event is scheduled to start at 10.00 am and scheduled to end at 6.00 pm


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